Natural Jewelry, Literally

Working with nature instead of against it allows this artist to make these art work of a jewelry. (He talks about this work at minute 2:33.)


Amay & Benny

They are datus from the Higaonon Tribe of Mintapod. (Datus are tribal leaders in the Philippines. It is the women from their tribe who weave the beautiful abaca textile, Hinabol.) And they are coming to France in spring!!  They are attending a congress on Cultural diversity and biological diversity for sustainable development: Exploring the past to build the future.

I am so excited to see them and welcome them. It’s been a long time since I last went to see them in the mountains of Mintapod. Taking a motorbike for 3 hours on uphill  and rough roads (but seeing the most amazing landscape) in order to meet with the women or give a training on marketing and quality production is one of the most treasured memories of my work before. I can’t believe I’ll be seeing them again after all this time. I’ll keep you posted.