Wood, the new bling

Source: google.com via Nola on Pinterest

I love dark wood. And I know how scarce these types of wood are nowadays. It takes years and years to grow them. And the fact that they are so valuable to to human life makes them even more precious. I wonder how they can be more precious than anything else? Gems take hundred of years to produce but human kind — and the whole world can definitely survive without them. (Though, no doubt, I do love them too!! My favorites are diamonds, sea pearls, and sapphires!) But with all the issues in the world, I’m starting to have a change of mind on what is precious or not. And like the picture shows, wood /trees, when it comes down to it, are now the real “bling-bling”!

These days, I’m thinking about a collection of accents and materials that re-value natural materials — like natural fibers — and yes, dark wood — To be called the Luxury of Nature. More on this collection soon!!