Abaca Textile Collection


The T’nalak

A Traditional and authentic ikat textile that is hand-woven by the women of the T’boli tribe in southern Philippines. Made from hand-prepared natural Abaca fibers, colored with  natural dyes, and woven with a back-strap loom, it can take up to 2 months to finish a roll of 4 meters. It is traditionally used in important celebrations of the different stages in life and rituals of the tribe. 

 Available in Ikat, in plaid or plain


Hinabol (hee-na-ball)

A traditional and natural textile, hand-woven by the women of the Higaonon tribe in southern Philippines.  It is made from hand prepared natural fibers called, Abaca. It is traditionally used as a peace offering during tribal conflicts and an offering for rituals.

Available in stripes, traditional pattern and plain.




Relatively the softest of the different  abaca textiles. Pinukpok means pounded. And it is pounded to make the abaca fibers softer. Combined with cotton, abaca becomes an option for wearable items. While still using commercial cotton, the textile becomes a more ecological choice as at least 50% of its material is processed in a more ecological way. 

An ethical and ecological material, abaca plants grow wildly in the communities of the weavers. Abaca weaving also supports the livelihoods of the, abaca harvesters,  the weavers and their families and the continuation of their traditional crafts. Unless otherwise noted, our textiles are dyed using natural materials.